The JKJCCI is non-governmental, formal, inclusive and elected apex body representing the stakeholders from both sides of the Cross-LoC trade. JKJCCI is made up of 48 members (22 from each side, which includes 12 cross LoC traders and other chamber members), headed by a President and supported by two vice-presidents. The joint chamber is to represent cross LoC traders and their interests from both side of IaJK and PaK.

The Joint Chamber was first formed on October 15, 2008, then known as Federation of Jammu and Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FJKCCI)[1]. The Chamber became functional on October 16, 2008, five days before the commencement of trade through the LoC. At that time, the Joint Chamber primarily included the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AJKCCI). The discussion on the formation and modalities of the FJKCCI was primarily concluded by these organisations under the leadership of Mr. Zulfiqar Abassi from AJKCCI, who also become the Joint Chamber’s first president, and Dr. Mubeen Shah, the then president of KCCI. However, the FJKCCI was limited in representation because it did not include the traders’ associations and/or sector-specific grouping from the region

In 2011, the FJKCCI was reorganized and discussions among the relevant stakeholders resulted in changing the name to JKJCCI and also inclusion of relevant stakeholders in the same. The JKJCCI has a written constitution and byelaws agreed upon by all relevant stakeholders and endorsed by the heads of three Chamber of commerce (Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Inductries – KCCI, Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industries- JCCI and Azad Jammu & Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries -AJKCCI