List of Tradable Items

List of items allowed to be traded through LoC

Trade-Out Products (from PaK) Trade-out Products (From IaJK)
Rice Carpets
Jahnamaz and Tusbies Rugs
Precious stones Wall hangings
Gabbas Shawls and stoles
Namdas Namdas
Peshawari leather chappals Gabbas
Medicinal herbs Embroidered items including crewels
Maize and maize products Furniture including walnut furniture
Fresh fruits and vegetables Wooden handicrafts
Dry fruits including walnuts Fresh fruits and Vegetables
Honey Dry fruits including walnuts
Moongi Saffron
Imli Aromatic Plants
Black Mushrooms Fruit bearing plants
Furniture including walnut furniture Dania, moongi, imli and black mushrooms
Wooden handicrafts Kashmiri spices
Carpets and rugs Rajmah
Wall hangings Honey
Embroidered items Papier mache products
Foam mattresses, cushions and pillows Spring, Rubberised coir/foam mattresses, cushions, pillows and quilts
Shawls and stoles Medicinal herbs